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Aviva Pilates

AVIVA PILATES is dedicated to making the most of your Pilates experience

Who We Are

AVIVA PILATES brings more than 20 years of Pilates expertise to the neighborhood and instructors educated in classical Ballet, Fit Barre, TRX suspension training, Yoga and Meditation.

Our Philosophy

AVIVA PILATES strives to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals so they can feel good, both inside and out. Feeling good is the first step to changing your life and the world around you. We want you to become the best version of yourself!

What We Offer

AVIVA PILATES can ensure each client receives the personalized attention needed to make the most of his/her Pilates workout. The studio is equipped with all Stott Pilates equipment including Reformer, Stability Chairs, Cadillac Trapeze Table and Ladder Barrel. Including a Ballet Barre, Fit Balls, Mats, Weights, Rings, Bands, Blocks and a Cardio Tramp to ensure that all lessons can be customized, fun and safe for all. Please see the service tab for all your options. We can also facilitate special classes for clients for special circumstances, such as, pre- and post-natal clients, as well as, clients challenged with injuries or on the road to recovery.

What makes us unique?

We offer an outdoor experience at our studio in the back courtyard for Mat Pilates and Yoga lessons. Additionally, an In-Home Private or Duets lesson experience, along with Massage therapy to ensure you can achieve all of your health and wellness goals.