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Want to improve your Golf game? We can add more distance to your drive. How? By increasing flexibility and strengthening your core. If you love golf, AVIVA PILATES has a custom golf Pilates workout just for you. Focusing on exercises to improve spinal rotation and control, while strengthening glute, shoulders and abdominal strength. Developing these muscles and movements will help you improve your game.

Mommy Tummy Rehab

What is the term “mommy tummy”? It is a description we use for the soft pooch that falls below a woman’s belly button after she has a baby. There are specific exercises to target and treat this condition. Each person is different depending on their birthing experience. Delivering vaginally or by C-section can make a difference in your rehab program. We customize this program by evaluating your muscles as well as connective tissue. We will also check to see if you have developed a Recti Diastasis, a separation of the stomach muscles. This will give you the necessary tools to rehab so you can achieve your goals in the most time efficient way.

Back Pain Relief

Why are Dr’s the first to recommend trying Pilates to heal your back? Because it works! Pilates is so effective because it addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body that lead to back pain. Issues like lack of core support, pelvic instability, muscular imbalances, poor posture, and lack of body awareness, all affect your back health. At AVIVA PILATES we specialize in helping people improve these issues in a safe atmosphere. Using all of the different Pilates equipment will help you recover faster while creating a better quality of life.