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Welcome to AVIVA PILATES! We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and empowering your core!

Purchase Policy:

All appointments must be paid in full prior to the service provided. All sales are final.


Clients profile, payment and waiver needs to be submitted prior to any lesson or class.

Cancellation Policy:

At AVIVA PILATES we adhere to the industry standard 24 hour cancellation policy for all “private”or “duet” lessons. You must cancel your lesson or reschedule it at least 24 hours before the set appointment time. And a 24 hours cancellation policy for all group classes. If you do not cancel the lesson, your account will be charged in full. The only exception is a for a doctors note or a tragic situation/act of god that is out of your control. Additionally, you must contact your instructor if your running more than 15 minutes late or, you are subject to a late cancel and your lesson is forfeited.

Privacy Policy:

At AVIVA PILATES we make it a priority to keep your information safe. All of our payments and personal info are processed and stored within the Mind Body system and servers. They are an award winning company who employ state of art corporate security protocols for their data so that our and your data is always safe!